I obtained my first Siberian in 1976 while in high school and have  been hooked ever since.   Leah, was a great dog to learn with and from.  She was one of those who bonded to you and always wanted to be with you.  From her and her daughter "Misty" I learned much about the show ring. 

My first three Siberians were very atypical as of they were trained to go off lead and would always come when called.  I did not realize until later that this was not "normal" Siberian behavior.  My first real show dog "Arek" went everywhere with me, was great with cats and kids and hated formal obedience, however he would do anything asked if he knew what it was you wanted. 

After graduating from Texas A&M with a B.S. in Animal Science I moved from Texas to Arizona.  Here, working in conjunction with Kantasia Siberian, is where most of my Siberians guys come from today. 

Jon and I met in 1991.  He had not been around Siberians, showing or animals at all until that time, but is as hooked as I am now.  We currently have 1/2 an acre that is set up primarily for the dogs enjoyment.  The first Cardigan was introduced in 2003.

Benson, the cardigan is our resident couch potato, bed buddy and all around companion.  As the years pass by we have added more Cardigans....and still have some Siberians. 

We strive to produce quality dogs and only do limited breeding.  We may go several  year's at a time with no puppies, then on occasion may have 2 or 3 litters in a year or two.  It all depends on timing.

Kantasia Siberians was the off shoot  Potrero owned by Joe and Dottie Adams.  Kantasia is the second generation  which is run by their daughter Karen and granddaughter Shannon.  They have  had a long and successful career in Siberians, working with many of the old lines that no longer exist today. 

As of 2007 we have continued this with our first Siberian litter in four years.  This is a line breeding on Ch. Bluemoon's Hakuna Matata.  We have very high hopes for Gracie and Yuki as they begin their show career's in January of 2008.



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